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ALERT: Lost contact with FSS Titan. Unable to establish search area. Titan's last mission destination was not disclosed prior to departure. || ALERT: Distress calls from Republic and Imperial shipyards report attacks by unknown hostile fleet. Local GFC informants not responding. || ALERT: Hostile fleets blockading hyper lanes!
Latest Update

I’ve talked with our Senior Senator from Mandalore, Wubbles the Mandalore of Mandalore…of Mandalo…what the fuck ever he named himself now and we were talkin’ about what to do with sparking “X” in TOR, branching out to BDO and about 5,000 other things and when it got all said and done we both came to the SAME damned conclusion: “Everyone is doin’ stuff, between a SOLID dozen members that are bustin’ ass on college stuff, another dozen that are hardcore busy with their jobs/families."  LOL…myself who is doin’ a remodel of his house AND havin’ yet another Mando join his immediate family, yeah I am right up there with most of ya.

Well, this OOC’ly means: “I will NOT be trying to recruit for ANY MMO, for the next couple of months because after talkin’ to enough guild members I am very certain that all but 3 or 4 are literally swamped in their REAL lives and with this guild we’ve always been the ones to scream: “REAL LIFE FIRST!”  That also means that what we are doin’ a redux of what we did a year ago:

“I am calling for a couple month long SABBATICAL"

In other words, play whatever ya wanna play! 

If ya want folks to log into TOR with ya, I HIGHLY suggest: Loggin’ INTO Teamspeak and flat out saying:

“Hey! Anyone wanna RP? OP? PvP? FP?"

If ya are bustin’ out BDO…”Hey, anyone down for some BDO?” 

Simply put…ya NEED to speak up.  IF not Teamspeak, then the guild forum. 

SCHEDULE EVENTS!  Far more guild members DO check the Calander now more than ever so use it. 

Use the Guild Chat Box! 

In other words, communicate with your guild members if you want/desire something.

How long will this sabbatical last for?  Well, frankly, it will last for as long as it needs to.   What has always been above all else important to both the Senior Senator and me has been: “We wanted this guild to be an online family, in that everyone gets along.  Everyone has fun.  That it don’t matter what the hell we are doin’, what matters above all else…is that we got each other's back and…well, we poke fun at one another.  We’ve done a sabbatical before and when it was over; the guild came back not just in FULL force, but also grew redonkulously afterwards.  These have and do work and we are gonna bust it out “Officially” since hell…MOST of ya have been doin’ it anyways.  Civ5, Sins of a Solar Empire, TOR, BDO, ESO, WoT.  Shit, go nuts…play it on up and above all else play games, talk with your guildmates and have fun.  Use this time to chillax, rest, recharge…all that fun stuff. :)

IC:  Consider this an OPEN message to ALL GFC Operatives:

“Column, this is Kilvaari.  We’ve taken quite a few hits over recent months.  Between goin’ after Caeythe and everything with the kriffin’ Zak’s, I’m gonna do something that I probably shoulda done a long time ago…put all of ya on…standby. 

What I mean is, I’m movin’ the Defiance to a secure location that any of ya can get to and will be on refuel, rearm and upgrade mode.  We will try to keep ‘er at the ready if ya need orbital support but as far as Column Operatives go, I highly suggest ya get yourself a team together before ya put the call out. 

Also, with our downtime I am suspending all operations and specialized authority from F.I.R.A.X.A., O.R.E. and the Rangers.  Quite a few things have gone astray and I am without a doubt to blame for it.  One of which, was that above all else…The Column, is a family of misfits, Sith, Pirates, assasins, Mandalorians and anything else ya wanna throw in that pot.  We lost something…we lost a feelin’ of givin’ a kriff for one another and puttin’ each other first above all else.  We got us the most powerful force in imagination out there and they are chompin’ at the bit to put us all in the hurt locker.  When it is all said and done, we only each other and that needs to come back if we are gonna be able to get back up to where we oughta be.  Use this time wisely.  Those whose bonds have been hurt, broken…I suggest ya work on repairin’ em.  Those who’ve ya cared less for…I suggest ya work on buildin’ up a level of respect with em so that they will be there for you as I am for all of you. 

I will be primarily at our Headquarters or the Defiance. 

When we’ve completed our rest and recharge and the Defiance is fully online, then we’ll go back at it to get those few that are ready to take the fight against the Zak’s with us…as one with our renewed forged bonds.

Kilvaari out.

Now, finally...if you were to ask me: "Hey, Tone...are ya pissed?  Are ya sad?  Are ya upset about any of this?"

I can wholeheartedly respond by saying: "Fuck no!  Last time we did this, we had a damned great rebirth where we adapted the guild, brought in new members that are still with us to this day.  Shit, I shoulda done this a MONTH ago!  To give that breathing space for people to do such without any guilt.  Yeah, there is a reason why we have people that have been in this guild for YEARS that are still here.  We have about the best damned group of people I could ever ask for and I know the ones that have been and ARE here to stay and frankly, that makes me feel pretty damned good that we've managed to find a damned good group of friends that play SWTOR and other games together as friends first.

Now, to end this update on an EPIC level I leave you all with...this:

August 2016